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Tapestry - Karen Ranney **Originally reviewed for Penwick Chronicles**

Tapestry is a wonderful beauty and the beast themed book. Laura has loved Alex since she was a little girl and has been determined to marry him. Alex went off to war and came back different. When Alex’s injuries were described I was very surprised at how extensive they were compared to other Beauty and the Beast spin offs. The injuries to his face were severe enough to affect his eye sight. The first part of the book read like a fairy tale and I really enjoyed the lengths Laura went to in order to get Alex’s attention. About halfway through the book I was wondering what was going to happen with the rest of the story since everything was so perfect. The second half of the book was what really made it for me. The second half made the characters deal with real life hardships the fairy tale was over and real life began. At times I was wondering if there was going to be a happy ending or not. It was a little melancholy in the middle. I will mention that there were a few romance novel clichés I could have done without. Rest assured there is indeed a happy ending. I love the beauty and the beast theme and I thought this book did a very good job of retelling the story in a new way. I do have to mention the formatting. This book was scanned in order to make the digital copy and it shows there are a lot of scanning errors in this book. For example the word lad was used when it should have been had. The errors did pull me out of the story as sometimes it wasn’t clear what the word should have been.